Ashton Hall

Ashton Hall
St. Peter
Sale Price
US $45,000
(BDS $90,000)
Land Area
29,396 square feet

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View of lot from Millionaire road on the Western boundary
Millionaire road access to lot
On lot looking toward access road-Millionaire
Entrance to house to North on Millionaire road
Entrance to property to South on Millionaire road
Near centre of lot looking West across lot
Near centre of lot looking East toward Reservoir road access
On eastern boundary of lot looking across Reservoir road to land on other side
Reservoir road access-lot is on left
on centre of lot looking toward lot on the Southern boundary
On centre of lot looking accross lot on Northern boundary
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This lot, located in Ashton Hall St. Peter has a gross area of 29,396 sq, ft and has access both on the Eastern boundary via Reservoir road and the Western boundary via Millionaire road with a frontage of approximately 54 feet on each road.  The length of the lot from road to road is approximately 540 feet.

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