Duncans Lot 3, St. Philip

Duncans Lot 3, St. Philip
Sale Price
US $36,825
(BDS $73,650)
Land Area
4,910 square feet

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Showing acess road to Lots 3 and 4
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Two lots of land located in Duncans, St. Philip, just to the East of Windward Gardens, about 5 minutes drive from Six Cross Roads and 10 minutes drive from Grantley Adams international Airport..  This was a half acre lot for which permission was recently given to subdivide into four lots. 

Lots 3 and 4,  with land areas of 4910 sq. ft. and 4917 sq. ft. respectively were reduced in March 2020 to $73,650 and $73,755 respectively.

The other two Lots are listed as follows:

Lot 1     Listed at BBD$72,900- UNDER OFFER                              Lot 2    Listed at BBD$71,595.00
             Land =  451.5 sq. m.    =   4860 sq. ft.                                   Land  = 443.4 sq. m.   =  4773 sq. ft.
             Road = 112.7 sq. m.     =  1213 sq. ft.                                   Road  = 129.3 sq, m.   =  1392 sq. ft. 
             Total =  564.2 sq. m.    =  6073 sq. ft.                                  Total  = 564.2 sq. m.  =  6165 sq. ft.
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Property Status: 
Under Offer