Heron Mill Estate Lot 10

Heron Mill Estate Lot 10
Bakers, ST. PETER
Sale Price
US $100,000
(BDS $200,000)
Land Area
27,134 square feet

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Lot located to the left of this roundabout on Hummingbird Lane
Frontage of Lot to right -South of road
On Roundabout looking South to Lot 10
On Lot 10 looking north toward roundabout on Hummingbird Lane
From line mark on SE corner looking across lot to NW
On western boundary looking East across lot and toward access road
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for_sale_land-_heron_mill_lot_10.pdf (124 Kb}
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Land   =    1,453 sq. m.      =    15,640 sq. ft.
Road   =      309.4 sq. m.   =      3,330 sq. ft.
Gully   =      758.4 sq. m.    =     8,164 sq. ft..
Total   =   2,520.8 sq. m.   =    27,134 sq. ft. 



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Property Status: 
Under Offer