Kendal Hill 87 and 88

Kendal Hill 87 and 88
Christ Church
Sale Price
US $247,500
(BDS $495,000)
3 bedroom House
2 bathrooms
Land Area
11,155 square feet
Buildings Area
2,871 square feet

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House For Sale-showing carport
East elevation
North elevation
Upper Patio
View from upper patio
Master Bathroom-click on photo to enlarge
Bathroom 2-click for full view
Showing house on spacious grounds
Lower Patio to South
Showing lower patio and back entrance to house
Road leading to property
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This 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom property is ideally located just off of the ABC Highway in Christ Church approximately 10 minutes drive from the airport and about 15 minutes out of Bridgetown, depending on trafffic.  Check the Google map below for location.

The property comprises of two lots, with the house sitting on one lot of 5,969 sq. ft. and the second lot of 5,186 sq.ft to the South of the house currently being utilised as the front lawn and driveway.

The lower, or main level, of the house accommodates the living room, dining room, kitchen and southern patio while three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a patio are located on the upper level.  Behind the carport is also a studio apartment.

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