Lot 2 Duncans, St. Philip

Lot 2 Duncans, St. Philip
Sale Price
US $35,798
(BDS $71,596)
Land Area
6,165 square feet

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Corner Lot for sale in Duncans, St. Philip
Looking from Lot (on right) east down Duncans road
Lots for sale in Duncans
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This corner lot is part of a half acre lot located in Duncans St. Philip just East of Windward Gardens development, approximately 5 minutes drive from Six Cross Roads and 10 minutes from Grantley Adams International Airport.  Permission was recently obtained to subdivide the half acre into four lots.  

The Lots are listed as follows:

Lot 1     Listed at BBD$72,900                                             Lot 2    Listed at BBD$71.595
             Land =  451.5 sq. m.    =   4860 sq. ft.                                   Land  = 443.4 sq. m.   =  4773 sq. ft.
             Road = 112.7 sq. m.     =  1213 sq. ft.                                   Road  = 129.3 sq, m.   =  1392 sq. ft. 
             Total =  564.2 sq. m.    =  6073 sq. ft.                                  Total  =  572.7 sq. m.  =  6165 sq. ft.
Lots 3 and 4, with land areas of 4,910 sq. ft. and 4,917 sq. ft.  are listed at BBD$73,650 and $73,755 respectively
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