Lot 2 St. Marks

Lot 2 St. Marks
St. John-RECUCED JULY 2020
Sale Price
US $42,500
(BDS $85,000)
Land Area
7,283 square feet

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Lot 2 below (West of) St. Mark's church
Showing lot 2 and neighboring house to West
Showing access road to lot
Lot 2 St. Marks
house on opposite side of road
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This lot is located near the east coast of the island to the West of St. Mark's church on the border of St. Philip and St. John.

The area's of the lot are as follows:

Land                =   649.0  sq. m.    = 6986 sq. ft.
Road Reserve =     27.6  sq. m.    =   297 sq. ft.
Total                =   676.6  sq.m.    = 7293 sq. ft.


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Property Status: 
Under Offer