Lot 3B in Pilgrim Road

Lot 3B in Pilgrim Road
Christ Church
Sale Price
US $40,000
(BDS $80,000)
Land Area
9,339 square feet

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Showing legal access from H'way #7 to Lot 3B
Access from H'way 7 to land
Neighboring property on H'way#7 to East of Access road
Looking West on H'way 7 from access road into lot
Property on opposite side of H'way 7 from access road
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This lot is located to the South of H'way #7 which runs past Durants Golf Club up to the airport.  It is specifically pinned on the Google map below and if you change from map to satellite and zoom in the blue marker shows the exact location.  The legal access to the lot, shown on the plan, is not a physical access on the ground.  The access off of H'way 7 is therefore over a grassed area shown in the first photo on this listing.

The gross area of Lot 3B is comprised of:

                     Land:    711.0  sq. m.  =    7653 sq. ft.

             Road Res:     156.6  sq. m.  =    1686 sq. ft.  

                     Total:      867.6  sq. m.  =    9339 sq. ft.


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