Lot 50 Providence Terrace

Lot 50 Providence Terrace
Christ Church
Sale Price
US $70,000
(BDS $140,000)
Land Area
8,267 square feet

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Lot 50 Providence Terrace -For Sale
showing houses to the West of the lot (signed on left) and development road leading to lot
Houses to North
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This Lot is located in the residential development known as Providence Terrace in Christ Church.  The development is located a few miles West of the airport and a few miles East of Oistins.
The areas of the lot are made up as follows:
Land       675.4  sq.m.   =              7270      sq. ft.
Verge        34.8   sq. m.    =             375      sq. ft.      L+V+C =   8267 sq. ft.
C’way        57.8   sq.m.    =              622     sq. ft.
Road         94.7   sq. m.    =           1019     sq. ft.
Total       862.7   sq.m.       =         9286     sq. ft.
This lot may be purchased on terms with a deposit of 10% payable on signing the Agreement and monthly payments of a minimum of $1400 monthly.  Interest will be charged monthly on the reducing balance at the rate of 6% per annum.
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