Lot 60 Sunset Ridge

Lot 60 Sunset Ridge
St. Philip
Sale Price
US $45,000
(BDS $90,000)
Land Area
6,874 square feet

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On Lot 60 looking South to other lots in development
Lot 60- corner lot
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This lot is located in Sunset Ridge development, Sunbury, St. Philip and can be purchased on terms.  A 10% deposit is required on signing the Agreement and payments of a minimum of $925 monthly until payment is finalised.   Interest is charged monthly commencing 3 months after signing the Agreement and is calculated on the balance in the account at the end of each month at a current rate of 6% per annum.          

         Land:  436.6  = 4700 sq.ft.

        Verge:  62.0  =   667 sq.ft.             

                  Road  140.0  =  1507 sq.ft.            

                  Total:  638.6  = 6874 sq,ft,  


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