Lot 91 Rolling Hills

Lot 91 Rolling Hills
St. George
Sale Price
US $142,500
(BDS $285,000)
Buildings Area
17,551 square feet

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Lot 91-taken from Lot 95-on Western boundary
House on lot to West
House on Lot 100-taken from Lot 95
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This large lot is very centrally located in Rolling Hills development in St. George.  This middle to high income development in located in the centre of the island.

The areas of the lot are as follows:

                         Land:  1277.0 sq.m.  =  13745  sq.ft.
                        Verge:     45.2 sq.m.   =      486 sq. ft.                     
                        C’way:    74.9 sq.m.    =      806 sq. ft.
                        Drain:    233.4 sq.m.    =   2512 sq. ft.
                        Total:   1630.5 sq.m.    = 17551 sq. ft.


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