Lot in Applehall, St. Philip

Lot in Applehall, St. Philip
near to main road
Sale Price
US $58,000
(BDS $116,000)
Land Area
5,232 square feet

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Applehall-Lot for sale
On lot-looking at neighbouring houses toward sea
On lot looking across to adjacent houses
Looking toward lot and house to East from adjacent cul-de-sac
House next door to the West
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Plot Plan PDFs
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applehall_lot_-plot_form.pdf (65 Kb}
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Land:        430.3 sq.m    (4632 sq.ft.)
Verge:         21.2 sq.m     ( 228 sq.ft.)
Road:          34.6 sq.m.   ( 372 sq.ft.)
Total:         486.1 sq.m.   ( 5232 sq.ft.)  
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