Lot in Belair Pines

Lot in Belair Pines
St. Philip
Sale Price
US $76,000
(BDS $152,000)
Land Area
10,139 square feet

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This lot is located in the quiet residential neighborhood known as Belair Pines in St. Philip just behind the seafront lot on which Belair Great House stands.  

The areas of this lot are as follows Land:  816.0 sq. m. =  8,783 sq. ft.
                                                      Verge     47.8 sq. m.=      515 sq. ft.
                                                       C’way    78.1 sq. m.=      841 sq. ft.
                                                        Total    941.9 sq. m.= 10,139 sq. ft.
This lot has a frontage of 103 feet on the development road.  
Please check the google map below for the exact location.  Note that you can change from map to satellite on the top left of the map for a better view and then use the zoom on the bottom right of the map.
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