Mount Pleasant- Ridge Lot

Mount Pleasant- Ridge Lot
St. Philip
Sale Price
US $169,000
(BDS $338,000)

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View from lot toward ocean to East
View from lot
From lot looking East along access road
On access road looking toward property to North
neighboring house to North
On lot looking SE across access road
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This lot is located on the ridge in Mount Pleasant Development in St. Philip which affords it views toward the ocean to the East.

While there is a large area in slope (unusable for building) as shown on the breakdown of areas below, this does mean that there can be no buildings constructed to obstruct the views to the sea on the East.

           Land:  2,096.7 sq.m. = 22,569 sq.ft. (green)

                        Verge:   109.2 sq.m. =    1,175 sq.ft.  (brown)

                        C’way    183.0 sq.m. =    1,970 sq.ft.  (brown)

                        Slope:  1,838.9 sq.m. = 19,794 sq.ft  (pink)

                        Total:   4,227.8 sq.m.= 45,508 sq.ft.



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