Ragged Point Lot 10

Ragged Point Lot 10
St. Philip
Sale Price
US $92,500
(BDS $185,000)
Land Area
9,278 square feet

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Lot 10 in Ragged Point near Lighthouse
View along road toward lighthouse to the East
House across road from the lot
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This lot is located in the small residential deveolpment known as Coral Cliffs which is located between Bottom Bay beach and Merricks beach in St. Philip.  The development fronts onto the cliff to the sea and there is a Right of Way for the owners of lots within the development to access the cliff front to enjoy the view of the beach and ocean beyond.  Bottom Bay beach itself is within walking distance of the development. 

The areas of lot 51 are as follows:

Land  =    1036.0 sq. m. = 11,152 sq. ft.
Verge =        45.3 sq. m. =      488 sq. ft.
C'Way=        75.6 sq. m. =      814 sq. ft.
Total =      1157.9 sq. m.= 12,454 sq. ft.

The lots on either side already have houses constructed on them as does the lot on the opposite side of the road.  

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