Casuarina Estates, Lot 114

Casuarina Estates, Lot 114
St. Philip
Sale Price
US $90,000
(BDS $180,000)
Land Area
9,278 square feet

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Lot on left and showing houses on opp side of dev. road
Corner lot in Casuarina Estates for sale
Showing lot and development road on left with houses opposite
from lot looking across road
From lot looking SW down dev. road
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This lot in Casuarina Estates, St. Philip is on a corner affording a large frontage on the development road.  

The areas of the lots are as follows:

Land     = 660.2 sq.m.   =    7106 sq.ft.
Verge    =  72.5  sq.m.   =       780 sq. ft.
C'Way   =129.3  sq.m.   =     1392 sq.ft
Total     = 862.0 sq.m.   =     9278  sq.ft.  
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