Long Bay Lot 101-ON TERMS

Long Bay Lot 101-ON TERMS
St. Philip-terms available
Sale Price
US $85,000
(BDS $170,000)
Land Area
13,213 square feet

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LB101-on right- from development road looking West
LB101 -from dev road access showing houses on opp side of public road onto which the lot fronts
LB101 looking East up development access road
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Plot Plan PDFs
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for_sale_land_lb101.pdf (127 Kb}
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This lot, with frontage on the public road, and access on the development road is located in Long Bay, St. Philip on the road leading up to Sam Lord's Castle.

The lot has been cleared for commercial use and is comprised of:

Land   10,235 sq.ft.
Verge    1,133 sq. ft.
Road     1,845 sq. ft
Total    13,213 sq.ft.

This lot can be purchased on terms over a maximum of 10 years.  A deposit of 10% is required on signing the Agreement and a minimum of $1800 to be paid monthly until payment has been completed.  Interest at the rate of 7.5% per annum will be computed monthly on the balance in the account at month end and added to the amount due. Larger payments can be made and the intrest will be computed accordingly.  Payment can be finalsied at any time during the 10 years without penalty.

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