Long Bay Seafront Lot

Long Bay Seafront Lot
St. Philip
Sale Price
US $425,000
(BDS $850,000)
Land Area
30,711 square feet

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Cliff front looking SW from lot
On Lot 185 looking out to sea
Looking West along fence located to seaward side of lot-open space on left
From cliff edge looking NW across lot toward development road
showing plants on lot near to development road access
Rocky outcrops on lot
On cliff front looking NE
Another view along cliff edge across adjacent lot to NE
on development road looking across adjacent vacant lot to NE
From development road looking SE across Lot 185 toward ocean
Showing frontage of lot on development road -from column with sign to BLP pole
Looking SW down development road from Lot 185
Property across road from lot
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This seafront lot is located in the Long Bay Development in St. Philip, Barbados, the exact location having been pinned on the Google Map on this listing.

Long Bay Development is approximately a 15 minute drive from the airport and a 10 minute drive to Six Cross Roads with it's shopping, banking and medical facilities.  The Crane Beach and Resort is less than a 5 minute drive from the lot. 

In Long Bay Development the  "Open Area", a space designated to be enjoyed by all the lots in the development, is located along the cliff front, which means that any form of enclosure has to be placed to the landward side of this Open Space.  This also does help to preserve the views along the coastline from the lot, when construction does take place on nearby lots.

The areas of the Lot 185 are designated are as follows:

               Land:        2086.8 sq. m.    =  22,462 sq. ft.

Road Reserve:          150.4 sq. m.    =    1,619 sq. ft.

      Open Area:          616.0 sq. m.    =    6,630 sq. ft.

               Total:        2853.2 sq. m.   =  30,711 sq. ft.  

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