Christ Church
Sale Price
US $58,000
(BDS $116,000)
Land Area
6,313 square feet

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on development road to Lot 41
Lot 41 and on left and property to South
properties South of Lot 41
Looking North from lot 41
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Providence Terrace development is located in Christ Church about 5 minutes drive NE of Oistins and a similar distance West from the airport.

Houses of masonary construction only are permitted in this development.

The areas of the lot are as follows:

Land:       509.0 sq. m.  =        5,479 sq. ft.        

Verge:       29.1 sq. m.  =           313 sq. ft.          

C'way:      48.4 sq. m.  =           521 sq. ft.          

Total:       586.5 sq. m.  =       6,313 sq. ft.   


There is an option of purchasing this lot on terms with a 10% deposit on signing the Agreement and minimum monthly payments of $1500 required over 7 years until payment is complete.  Interest of 6% per annum is charged monthly on the reducing balance and so the $1500 monthly payment covers both interest and principal.   If purchasing on terms, the lot is not transferred until payment has been completed and so possession is not until full payment has been made.

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