Ragged point lot on seafront with ruin

Ragged point lot on seafront with ruin
St. Philip
Sale Price
US $280,000
(BDS $560,000)
Land Area
92,786 square feet

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View to the ocean
Ruin on the property from the seafront
Riaght of way through the property
Right of way looking toward seafront
Ruin from right of way
Northern and Western elevations of ruin
Western side of ruin
View to ocean from inside of derelict building
View to ocean from ruin
Cliff looking toward lighthouse
Ragged Point Lighthouse
Looking toward property for sale from lighthouse
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This large lot comprising approximately 92700 sq. ft. on the ocean front is located just to the South of the Ragged Point lighthouse.  Please zoom in on the google map on this listing to see the pinned location (Use satellite map).   There is a right of way through the property leading to the lot located immediately to the South of this property.  The ruin, located on the land is to the west of the right of way, has a spectacular view toward the ocean and coast line as the unbuildable land on the other side (East) of the right of way slopes down to the cliff front.

The property being offered for sale includes Lot 29A in the Ragged Point development which allows for an additional access to the property and building from the South Eastern corner as shown on the plan

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Property Status: 
Under Offer